Melnā Piektdiena


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Latvijas Metal Mūzikas Gada balva

Balsošana ir beigusies


Apbalvošanas ceremonija un koncerts 16. janvārī klubā "Melnā Piektdiena".

Koncertā uzstāsies:






un citi (informācija sekos).


No organizētājiem neatkarīgu iemeslu dēļ Preternatural koncertā nespēlēs. Viņu vietā uzstāsies Biomorph.

"Dear boys and girls! With grief and sorrow we must announce that due to a tragedy that has taken place within the family of one of our members our Friday show at Latvian Metal Award is CANCELLED!!! We apologize for all of you who are willing to see us there, but life, unfortunately, is out of our control. Our dear friends from BIOMORPH will hit the stage at our position. We promise to do our best to reschedule the show asap, so stay tuned and have a great week! We love you all! 

Serg and Preternatural"

  • Biļetes: 5.00 EUR
  • Sākums: pl. 20:00
  • Klubs atvērts no pl. 19:00