Melnā Piektdiena


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Secret Place Events presents: 

''Kis-kis'' can be predicted as one of the most successful starts in the career of modern Russian rock bands. The girls record peppy punk, reflecting the reluctance to grow up, and carefree youthful maximalism in general - and it seems that this is a damn successful formula that young listeners need.

They are young, creative and confidently claim the title of one of the main discoveries of 2019. Young “Kis-kis” took the best from garage rock, pop punk, punk rock and indie rock, creating something that could stuck in your head for the coming weeks.

Concert without age restrictions!  

November 9th | Brīvības gatve 193C | FAN — 18:00 | Doors - 19:00   

**The ''FAN'' category ticket includes early entry at 18:00, autograph session before the concert, the photo with the artist and the poster.

**The ”FAN” tickets are strictly limited!

  • Biļetes: 10.00 EUR
  • Sākums: pl. 19:00
  • Klubs atvērts no pl. 18:00