Melnā Piektdiena


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Sezonas atklāšana


Piektdien, 7. septembrī kluba "Melnā Piektdiena" sezonas atklāšana!

Uzstāsies jums jau labi zināmie FRAILTY, VELNEZERS un IRON WINGS,

kā arī  Melodic Death Metal grupa SYMMETRY OF THE VOID no Ungārijas.

Par fona mūziku rūpēsies Deathperado!


Sākums 20.00, klubs būs atvērts no pl. 19.00.

Ieeja 4 eur. 

Uzrādot festivāla Zobens un Lemess Open Air aproci, biļete maksās vien 3 eur!

Biļetes būs nopērkamas koncerta dienā kluba kasē.


Pēc koncerta dzīres līdz rītam krogā "Zobens un Lemess" (A.Briāna ielā 10)!



Symmetry of the Void is a band that has been compiled from numerous projects from the Hungarian underground metal scene. Members of the bands Dusty Chopper, Conan’s first date, Ignotus Entropia and Effrontery have come together in the autumn of 2015 to create this project that pays homage to the world of old-school Gothenburg Melodic Death metal, in the liking of bands like Dismember, At The Gates, and old In Flames. The band’s first EP has been recorded in Törökbálint, Hungary with the sole purpose of creating an old school sound that doesn’t resemble the modern polished metal records at all.
Into The Encircling Chaos has been released on the 10th of September 2017, and has been receiving positive feedback since then.
For the fans of Old School death metal it should be a real treat to listen too with classic Growling vocals, blast beats and the real HM2 guitar sound that makes your ears bleed in pleasure.

Facebook :
Bandcamp :
Band channel on Youtube:

Debut Video:

Band's first EP (Into The Encircling Chaos) :
First full length album:

  • Biļetes: 4.00 EUR
  • Sākums: pl. 20:00
  • Klubs atvērts no pl. 19:00